There may be times when you want to remind others of a commitment or obligation to.

Per, without as, conveys the same meaning.

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Brinkmanship in Washington over raising the U. . In January, 2005, Stewart wrote to Sanea, "As per.

As Mentioned.

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The meeting per se is what he'll not be kept from. .


It typically refers to a specific idea that came from that conversation.

www2. let's say tom is the one who called the other person (who i refereed as you) first, he is our contractor/customer/suppler, & i was there listing to the discussion they had.

I hear this word "per" in this context quite often. One of the answers to this question states that "We shall discuss it in our today's meeting" is grammatically correct.

Reminding others of a commitment.
Per can mean according to or in accordance with — so it’s not wrong, exactly.
As a compensation for costs incurred by the preparatory work for meetings, the Chair of each External Review Subgroup is entitled to one additional daily indemnity per meeting.

It can also refer to a specific topic within a conversation you had.

Nov 25, 2010 · No.

ca. . As per is worse — it’s not only fusty but also redundant, which makes it silly.

" 5. [. antonyms. First of, kudos on reducing the delivery work force as per our discussion. , O(L 2).


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To me, that sentence is clearly wrong.


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It’s very formal, as “per is only used in the most formal of situations.