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; Ask your queries in discussion. For stable.

Extract the WSA with Magisk and Gapps zip and enter the folder.


0_x64_Release-Nightly8-09-22/. 0. search.

scoop-zapps / bucket / WSA-with-magisk-GApps-pico.

Note that WSA is currently onlu available in USA and Japan. There are two ways. .


Nov 4, 2021 · To create the WSA working folders, use these steps: Open File Explorer.


Looking to install a custom ROM? Need the right GApps package for it? Here's how you can download and install the latest Google apps. bat.

Aug 10, 2022 · Go to the Action tab in your forked repo. .

It can be a lil bit annoying to setup initially, but is easy enough after that.
0_x64_Release-Nightly ) e selecione Extract.

for the -Android- Generic Device/Other, by AndroidSage.

. . \AppxManifest.

Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 40000. Copy and paste the C:\ADB\ path and click the OK button. 10. .


Note that there is no x86_64 pre-build, so you. .

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Download Latest Version WSA-with-magisk-GApps-pico_2203.


Open the wsa folder and run Install.