Garbage is a well known Electronic music group from Madison, Wisconsin, United States.


Houswife's loving, it is oh so good. About Garbage.

I know how to hurt I know how to heal I know what to show And what to conceal I know when to talk And I know when to touch No one ever died from wanting too much The world is not enough But it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if you're strong enough Together we can take the world apart, my love People like us Know how to survive.

Released worldwide in September 2001, "Androgyny" represented a shift in the group's style, overtly embracing current music elements into their repertoire.

. Make a good forethought in life. It was released on August 15, 1995, by Almo Sounds.


ALBUM. SONG. Chords for The Garbage.

The coldest of the cool. .

A Stroke Of Luck.

The queerest of the queer.

And there's nothing left to watch. I thought you were special I thought you should know But I've run out of patience I couldn't care less I, I Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own? I thought you were special I thought you should know I used to amuse you But I knew that I'd lose you Now you're here and begging for a chance But there's no way in hell I'd take you back Do you.

My only comfort is the night gone black. 15 hours ago · Garbage (@garbage) May 24, 2023 Sad to hear of Tina Turner passing.

[Pre-Chorus] If you don't really care about it And this ain't what you wanted Then I gotta throw in the towel But you don't you treat me like a child And tell me all these lies I'm begging you.
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Only Happy When It Rains.


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Police are investigating after finding what they called two dead infants in a garbage can near a home in Cleveland,. . (album) Garbage is the debut studio album by American rock band Garbage. . (You can touch me if you want) But you can't stop. The coldest of the cool.

A remastered version of the album, including all the b-sides.

. Lyrics to "Garbage" by PETE SEEGER: Mister Thompson calls the waiter, orders steak and baked potato / Then he leaves the bone and gristle and he never eats the skins; / The busboy comes and takes it, with a cough contaminates it / And puts it in a can with coffee grinds and sardine tins; / The truck comes by on Frid.



And there's nothing left to need.

Nothing left to see.